As soon as a project evolves and more than one developer works on the same source code it becomes obvious, that you can guess whos has written the source code, just by the coding style of the writer. Some people use more comments here and there, indention maybe differen and so on. What looks funny on the one hand can be dangerous on the other hand.

A major principle for software projects is, that all developers are able to read and understand the code. This does not only refer to the semantic understanding, but as well to the syntactic understanding. If it is easier to understand a certain piece of code, it is easier to improve it. Otherwise you would think about a workaround or another hook, but not to touch this piece of code.

A help comes with the quite mature tool JSLint. JSLint provides what is called source code verification. The verification of your source code helps to find a common coding standard and to provide a safer code.

JSLint defines a professional subset of JavaScript, a stricter language than that defined by Edition 3 of the ECMAScript Language Specification. The subset is related to recommendations found in Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language.

Furthermore a strict coding will help to prevent ugly bugs that only appear because of syntactic failures.

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