Developing with JavaScript can get really ugly if you don’t know how to do it. It is not a question of language abilities but of tool chains. The best developer will get tired of stupid alert() statements to debug the application.

My usual tool chain consisted out of LiveHTTPHeaders, Venkman and Firebug. The best feature of firebug is its JavaScript Console – simply enter your code, execute it and see what happens.

By now a brand new beta of Firebug 1.0 was released and what can I say more, than this version is incredible. If you are a web developer than this tool provides more than you will ever need. The most tremendous changes are:

  • Tab Completion for the JavaScript console – enter a few chars and complete objects and their methods
  • Direct editing of HTML using the DOM inspector of Firebug
  • Profiling – start the profiler, execute a piece of code and stop the profiler. What you will get is a precise list of function calls and the time that it took
  • Network Monitor – always have an overview about what is loaded and how long each request took

And there are so many other new features that you can only explore while using it. But be awre, that you can really safe time, if you use firebug. And I did not even mention all the other nice CSS and HTML Features. So whats left to say?

Get Firebug, Now!