While working on stylesheets in an Ajax application, it is often neccessary to reload the page and perform a lot of clicks to check whether your changes had the right effect. Especially filling the same forms the whole day becomes very annoying.

Mr. Clay provides a cross-browser-solution to reload your css with a bookmarklet every 2 seconds. This was a bit to hectic for me, especially since you could not stop it. That is why, I removed the interval and made it a one shot bookmarklet.

I had a tough fight with the wordpress editor, but I lost. Unfortunately I am unable to paste the correct code here. But get the bookmarklet from Mr. Clay and remove the setInterval at the beginning and ,2000 at the end. Additionally the last to )) should become )()). That’ll be it.

Feel free to leave a comment, if you have any problems with this tiny script. There are known issues listed on Steve’s site.