Move fast, move early.

And we are moving again. Since we will move now to the official developer blog of my current employer TravelIQ, this site will not be continued. But feel free to join us at our shiny new place around

And of cource all articles published here are available as well at our new home.


I just read, that the new prototype release is out by now – version 1.5. Since it was very hard to follow the development of prototype for quite a long time, the developer group made a complete rebirth for prototype. By now they provide a complete API documentation, some tutorials and whats left in the world of web 2.0? Of course, a blog.

To hava a closer look on what has changed go for the CHANGELOG.

Since prototype is the JavaScript framework of my choice, the only thing, that I can say is – check it out!

To avoid information overload on a website, information is splitted and scattered. So it becomes really hard to display all information needed on a single place. To help the designer to make information available pop-ups can be used. But nobody really wants windows out of websites. So SiteWindow is the alternative. It allows to display an window within the window. It is highly customizable and easy to extend. One of its biggest advantages is the possibility to react on events triggered within the window directly in your website.

You need the right information, on time and on the spot? Use SiteWindow!

Have a look at this source sample:

var w = new SiteWindow();
w.setContent(document.createTextNode("Lorem ipsum milanum com ..."));
Event.observe($("1"), "click", function(e){; Event.stop(e);});

Want to try? Download now – SiteWindow!

By now there is a very interesting discussion going on about the future of prototype in the “Ruby on Rails: Spinoffs” newsgroup. If you are interested in prototype and you should definitly have a look.  Besides intersting points in the discussion very interesting links are posted to other valuable resources. Let’s see what happens.